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The climate on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca in Spain has the least contrast in the weather. Only little rainfall and a lot sunshine throughout the year. However, it is always possible there are a few extreme temperatures throughout the year.  There's almost never any frost during the winter months or extreme temperatures above 40 degrees during the summer months. The mild dry winters and warm dry summers are caused by a Mediterranean climate where the Mediterranean Sea has a warming effect in the winter and a cooling effect in the summer. Through the presence of mountains and hills behind the Costa Blanca the warmth of the sea can be held and it stops the cold from the Inland during the winter. The climate is because of this perfect balance, extremely healthy. The combination of clean air, the tropical weather and sunlight, has a particularly invigorating impact on body and health. The World Health Organization has declared the region Costa Blanca, the most pleasant climate of Europe. The sunshine stimulates the blood circulation and influencing the skin to create vitamin D, that allows a buildup of calcium in the bones. Due this pleasant climate you'll also be more outdoors. You can be more active outside in the fresh air. And don't forget that this climate has a positive effect on your mood as well! That's why people with symptoms such as asthma, eczema, heart disease and rheumatism have a better life on the Costa Blanca. Sun, sea beaches and a lovely climate. Life is cheaper here as well? What more do we need!

Warm summers: The Costa Blanca has a rather long summer season. Already in April the first summer days can be listed, but for the real summer you must usually wait until sometime in June. Then the chances of a rainy day rapidly decline. On average, June only has two days of rain. July and August are virtually guaranteed for tropical heat without any rain.

Everywhere around the Costa Blanca coast the temperatures are around thirty to thirtyfive degrees during the summer months. Inland it may be a few degrees warmer. In contrast to the southern coastal areas such as the Costa del Sol the probability of temperatures of 40 degrees is a lot smaller. For people who want to avoid the extreme heat, the Costa Blanca is also a better choice than the South of Spain. The Costa Blanca is on average a little bit warmer than for the Dutch or English so popular Costa Brava. On the Costa Brava, however, there is a greater chance of heavier showers and thunderstorms. The summer weather on the Costa Blanca will at least last until end of September. Though there is more chance of a rain or a thunderstorm in September. The evenings also are a little less warm, especially towards the end of the month. October is a transitional month with all kinds of weather. For some years in October, the weather used to be quite instable weather that provided disturbances, while during other years high pressure areas treat the people on beautiful summer days on the Costa Blanca. Sometimes the summer even last till halfway November.

Little precipitation: On the Costa Blanca there's relatively little rainfall. The average amount precipitation varies in what place you are. This is on average between 400- and 500-millimeters pro year. That's about 40% less precipitation than in the Netherlands, Belgium or England. What is striking, that if it rains on the Costa Blanca, the average amount of rainfall within a day is on the very high side. You have the smallest chance of rainfall during the summer months. Only the chance of rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms is greater. The wettest period is from the end of September till early May, with October clearly as wettest month. In October, there is on average about as much rainfall as in the Netherlands, Belgium or England.

Mild winter months: The winter is very mild on the Costa Blanca. During the day the average temperature is between 14 and 20 degrees. However, it can be warmer and then you can easily lay on the beach while in the Netherlands, Belgium or England they sit in front of the heater. Absolutely a lovely climate to live in during the European winters.