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Different kind of services on the Costa Blanca, Spain

Services on the Costa Blanca And Costa Calida. What do you have to do, if you want to buy a property in Spain?

When you are buying a property there are lot of things to think about. That also applies for renting a property for a long term period. Therefore it's important that you’re well informed and helped enough. We do our very best to help you in all of these cases. The language is often a problem for a lot of people. We are a international real estate agency with new and modern office in Guardamar del Segura, Costa Blanca. For any service questions you are always more than welcome or you can send us an email. Simply giving us a call is of course another option!

Key service: Once you buy or rent (long term) a property through us, you can leave the key with us. If you want that we take care of your property when you're away. There are actually many possibilities: if you want to sell, rent out your property or family spending time in your property etc. If we have the keys we could always access the property in any case needed. For checks, cleaning, possibly pool maintenance and so further. It’s always handy!

Help with translations: For example, you can think about the letters from the tax office, electricity, gas, water etc. These letters are always written in Spanish and people often can't understand it.  We help you translate and tell you exactly what it is about, so you know what to do. Of course you can get letters as well from the municipality, Government, fines (e.g. speeding tickets) etc. We work with difierent nationalities within our office, a perfect solution for smooth translations and easy help in our own language.

Finance & Mortgages:  You should think about all financial matters associated with the purchase / sale of a property in Spain. Opening a Spanish bank account for your property expenses such as gas, water and light, tax, etc. We always help you with all of this and further more we will ensure that the property is always thoroughly checked. So the property has no debts, is not illegal or whatsoever and has all the right permtis.  For a mortgage we use different companies, to get you the best offer! Up to 100% as possible (Note 70% max for non residents).

Transport service: We always offer the best service to our clients. If you are interested in visiting a property with us, we could offer a transport service from the Airport Alicante. If you let us know when you are coming in advance, it is usually no problem at all.  We also bring you back to the airport once you leave. Of course we show our clients the property or properties and also the surrounding areas,  so you don't have to rent a car, if don't want to. If you like to stay at the hotel in Guardamar we can certainly get you an extra discount.

Remodeling and renovation projects : That's no problem at all! For years we've been using  the same contractor and his team. That guarantees a very good building quality and reliability. Often, the language is a problem in such cases, it is a Spanish contractor. But you can use us as an intermediary, we can help you along with all the plans and then speak with the contractor. For all your needs you can adres us in Dutch, English or German. If there's permit needed we always mention this up front. Just like in the Netherlands, Belgium or England you can’t build anything you want in Spain. Full remodeling of properties is possible as well. New furniture, lighting, doors, paintjobs etc.

Internet & Television: Just like in your own country you can get internet & TV in Spain. But the most people don't want the standard Spanish television. Instead you can install a international TV system. This goes by satellite. Through an international business such as Canal Digital / SKY / or any other, you can order a tuner, including a card. In areas where there is fast internet through cable it's also possible to watch TV through the internet, it works very well and isn’t much more expensive than normal.

Pool maintenance: Maintaining your swimming pool is at an additional cost. It's cleaned and the ph values are checked every week. If too low, they are restored to the right level.  This service is especially useful when you have rented out your property with swimming pool or if you are away from a long time. If necessary, it's also possible to carry out repairs. For example, tile work, maintenance on the pump,  new stairs for the swimming pool and many other things.

NIE number & insurance: If you stay longer than 3 months in Spain you should legally apply for a NIE number. It is similar to the Dutch, Belgium and English social security number. It's also necessary for example to buy a house or a car in Spain. But not only that, it is also necessary (not required)  if you want to open a bank account or for example a mobile phone contract. Insurance often goes through multiple companies. Which you prefer, you can get a home insurance, contents, car insurance etc. We have the right contacts for the best prices here at the Costa Blanca.

Removals (moving company):  Do you want to move your furniture from the Netherlands, Belgium or the UK to Spain? That is no problem at all. We have a Dutch and English mover with a double truck that can pick up your belongings all over Europe. The second company which we are familiar with deals with our clients from the UK. Even a car can be transported in the truck if necessary. The average trip takes about 3 to 4 days, depending on where he should stop. The average price per m3 is approximately € 100

Medical service: Do you need medical aid on the Costa Blanca? We have a list of great hospitals here in the area and we can lead you in the right direction of course! Depending on your policy conditions the medical costs can be reimbursed by your international insurance. Due the composition of the clean air and the good climate on the Costa Blanca, people with a disease have a more pleasant life. We can also arrange for a private medical care, please contact us about the possibilities. Also the healthcare in Spain is rated as one of the best. Even public hospitals have a great reputation.

Buying a car / importing a car: You can buy a car in Spain once you have a NIE number. Of course the car will be on Spanish license plates. Insurance can be provided through us at request. Almost everyone in Spain drives a Diesel car. For an average Diesel car you pay in Spain around €100 on roadtaxes per year. You can also bring your own car from your own country, the car must be within 6 months transfered to Spanish license plates and paperwork. This costs approx. €1000 to arrange, if you purchase a new car in Spain it is also cheaper than most other countries. Spain has no thing such as BPM for example (in the Netherlands).