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Sell your property on the Costa Blanca, Spain

Sell your Home(s) on the Costa Blanca & Costa Calida, Spain with us! International Real Estate Agency NCB (Newbuild-CostaBlanca). Part of C&C Inmoasesores which has more than 10 years of experience.

Why search endlessly for the right real estate agent to sell your home and / or rent out your property on the Costa Blanca / Costa Calida, Spain? With us you can easily sell your home and don't pay any extra and uneccesary costs on top of the commision fees. We have two own websites on which we place all of our homes. We also advertise on more than 25 Dutch language websites and several international websites such as Kyero & Libercasa. Of course other than the websites we also have a wide range of contacts. We speak Dutch, German, English and Spanish.

How does the sales / rental procs work? Please note that renting out your property has different commision rates than the mentioned percentages for selling your property with us.

First we would like to make an appointment with you at our office in Guardamar del Segura. Avenida Mediterraneo 10, which is next to the big supermarket 'Mercadona'. We would like to speak with about the property details and see some photos if possible. We speak with you about the several options for selling / renting out the property. We also offer you different kind of promotions packages. Note that these are not a 'must', but they centrainly increase the chance of selling your property more quickly. Please contact us if you would like to get more information about these packages.

What distinguishes us from other real estate agents?

  •     We are actively promoting our homes. One of Our employees is working on advertisements all day. Unlike some other agencies who just publish it once online and that´s it.
  •     We have two own websites : and
  •     Your house is advertised on more than 30 websites including Kyero, Libercasa, Affidata, and many others throughout Europe.
  •     There are two options regarding the commision rates : Exclusive sale and non-Exclusive. Respectively 5% and 3% rates. Exclusive properties will be promoted way more!
  •     Through many years of experience we deliver the right knowledge and understanding of business in this specific area of Spain.
  •     We speak several languages : Dutch, German, English, Spanish and French.
  •     We can help you with as many things needed for the sale or rental of your property.

When you sell your house in Spain, the following costs apply :

  1. Plusvalia: Every seller has to pay a tax based on the incremental value of the land which the property occupies over the amount of years you have owned it. Approx € 400,-
  2. IBI & Utilities:  Ensure your utility bills are up to date as these will need to be paid up to the date of sale. You will have to provide the original proof of payment at the signing. Sellers have to pay the IBI or Council tax for the whole year they are selling.
  3. Non Resident Retention 3%: If you are non-resident in Spain, the buyer of your property will also have to retain 3% of the Escritura Sales Price to pay directly to the Spanish tax man (Hacienda) on your behalf towards your Capital Gains Tax. Fiscal residents do not have any retentions made on them, but they may have to pay tax on the sale in the following year through their tax returns.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  4. Mortgage Cancellation Fees: Your bank will probably have anywhere from a 0.5% to 1% cancellation charge on the balance of your outstanding mortgage
  5. Mortgage Cancellation & Registration Fees at the Notary: In addition to point 4), as a seller you will have to ensure your mortgage is cancelled at the Notary and Registry. This may cost anywhere from 600 Euros to 1000 Euros, and is an amount that will probably be retained by the solicitor to ensure this is done.
  6. Legal fees (we also offer this): A good legal office should prepare utilities contracts, community charge and Suma invoices, liase with the purchaser’s representatives and the Notary, prepare the Notary appointment and all related paperwork, accompany the seller to the Notary and translate, calculate the 3% retention, calculate and advise re Capital Gains Tax and give fiscal representation throughout the Process.