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Information buying a property in Spain

What is necessary when you are going to purchase a property in Spain?

  • A NIE number (s), this is similar to a social security number in your own country. Actually, you do need to have this for all kinds of big purchases and contracts in Spain.
  • To open a Spanish bank account. Quite easy and quickly done.
  • Of course passport or ID card
  • Financing of the property, there are multiple mortgage posibilities see the list below.
  • A person who is fiscal representative (can be done at basically any gestoria (administration office) in Spain).
  • Sufficient cash for the reservation of a property (€5.000 deposit).
  • A real estate agent or lawyer who monitors and prepares all the paperwork befor the purchase and after the sign at the notary as well!
  • Realistic budget indication, wish list and good knowledge of the region.

Important tax information regarding the purchase of a property in Spain.

  • The transfer tax is 10%, this applies to every property in Spain. New build and second hand properties. In the province Murcia this number is 8%
  • The purchase tax for a newbuild property is always 10%
  • The notary fees are usually 2 to 3% (depending on the notary, which place etc.)
  • All other costs together are roughly €2750 (this includes all the work before the purchase and after). Preparation for the notary, all the paperwork, transfer the contracts to the new owners name, water and electricity on your name, registry checks, land registry, double checking outstanding debts, canceling mortgages etc. A full list of work that has to be done.
  • There are many international clients who have bought a property on the Costa Blanca before you! Estimates show for example that more than 200,000 Dutch people have a property in Spain. In these estimates there are also people that own more than one property in Spain.

NCB - stands for :

  • Full guidance of the purchase, from the first contact throughout the whole orientation fase and till the purchase of a property in Spain.
  • Full aftersales, even years after the purchase.
  • We take all the time in the world for our clients, also in the weekend it's possible to make an appointment. Yes, the key to the future is service and communication. You don´t want to rush anything when you are going to invest a lot of money in a foreign country.
  • Airport service for our customers and arrangement of a pleasant stay for you during the inspection phase. We can offer you a hotel with discount.

Service list :

  1. Arrange NIE numbers, Full guidance in English
  2. Become a resident in Spain, Full guidance in English
  3. To apply for a medical card in Spain (SIP)
  4. Opening a bank account (making an appointment and guidance in English)
  5. Insurance
  6. Healthcare insurance
  7. Alarm systems
  8. Internet and telephone
  9. International TV (Satelite or IPTV)
  10. Cleaning service for your property
  11. Swimming pool service
  12. Garden maintenance
  13. All kind of repairs property related
  14. Alterations, also complete houses renovations!
  15. Import your own car to Spain, paperwork and license plates
  16. Help with the purchase of a car in Spain (we can guide you in English)
  17. Maintenance of your car in Spain (contact with good garages in the region)
  18. Removals within Spain but also from the other locations in Europe to the Costa Blanca, Spain.
  19. Purchase furniture for your property in Spain. We have good contacts and deals with several shops.
  20. Everything that has to do with tax payments.
  21. Legal and tax arrangements
  22. Key service property, for yourself or guests and family
  23. Checking your home, 1 x per month for example. Also known as property control.
  24. Translations of letters, documents, etc. For example, this could be a letter from the municipality
  25. Airport service for yourself, family or friends who come over to your property in Spain.

Below the information necessary for a mortgage application in Spain.

  • Annual statement 2019 – 2020
  • 6 months copies of bank statements
  • Your contract of employment
  • Credit report from the bank
  • Any payments of your mortgage in your own country or any other holiday home elsewhere.
  • Overview of your savings account / investments etc.
  • Declaration of major possessions such as (other holiday homes, properties in other countries, commercial properties, a yacht etc.)
  • A complete list of transactions of the past 6 months. Only salary and mortgage statements are not sufficient (point 2)
  • A credit check report from the bank. This normally takes about 3 days to get one.