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Energy certificate property Spain

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) indicates how energy efficient the (holiday) property is. You may know such labels from the washing machines and refrigerators this is fairly similar. Of course, there are many differences in lots of different properties. That's why the setting of the EPC must be carried out by certified specialists.These specialists look amongst others to the insulation, ventilation, CO ² emissions and other factors that affect the energy management of the (holiday) property. This is mapped for the energy consumption to cool or heat the property.  Of course, when the specialists come to your (holiday) home they also give you practical advice. For example, placing double glazing or extra insulation in the walls.

After the inspection, a certificate of your (holiday) property will be drawn up by the specialists. These certificates range from letters A to G, where A is the most energy efficient and G the least. The EPC will have a validity of 10 years. Since 2014 it is a must have by law. All new build properties come standard with an EPC.

In General, the older (holiday) properties in Spain have an EPC label of D or E, while the modern new build properties on the Costa often have a B or C. This is due to the use of sustainable and better quality building materials that are used nowadays. Also the isolation plays a big role and the equipment in the property itself.

How can I arrange an energy certificate?

When you would like to list your (holiday) property for sale or when you want to live in your (holiday) property for more than 4 months per year you should have an EPC as well. Also for holiday homes that are rented out for more than 4 months per year, this is a must have document. If an EPC is missing, the owner of the property can risk a fine anywhere between €300,- and €6.000,- A lot of money to risk, while the cost of an EPC is actually quite low.

If you need an energy certificate for your property in Spain then we recommend you to request this as soon as possible. In General, the cost for a EPC are somewhere between €175 and €350 excluding VAT. The costs depends on the size of your property, while a bigger property costs more time to inspect. As soon as the payment is fulfilled, we directly make an appointment with our architect to visit your property and complete the inspect for the EPC label. The EPC report and certificate usually follows then a week later.  All new properties come standard with an energy report and certificate. For a second hand home that your going to sell you actually need the certificate two weeks before you are going to pass at the notary.